You're already doing Inbound Marketing

If you are a digital agency, you're already doing a lot of inbound marketing. Find out what you are covering today and what you could be covering tomorrow in this post. 

Definition of Inbound Marketing

There is already a lot of content out there in regards to what inbound marketing is and isn't. I'm going to skip that part and give you my own summary as someone who is currently working at HubSpot as an Inbound Marketing Strategist for Agencies (Channel Consultant). 

Here goes my definition of inbound marketing:

"Inbound marketing is solving for the end customer by delivering success."

This simple sentence is complex enough to make up my full time job. It includes a cluster of services, ranging from campaign creation to database management, which all come down to attracting, converting, closing and delighting customers. You know, focusing on attracting the right kind of leads, offering them the solution to a problem they are facing and making them love you.

Confused? No worries, we'll talk about your own situation in your digital agency or organization now and how you can grow.

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What are You doing today?

If you are working in today's online world you probably have a website-,CRM- (or spreadsheet) and an email-tool. Would you say that you also do any of the following for yourself or your clients?

  • Research (competitors, website analysis, keyword analysis etc.)
  • Social media (posting, tweeting, videos etc.)
  • Marketing (PPC, social, email etc.)
  • Website development (creating, design, maintaining etc.)
  • Sales (selling, coaching, stategies, recruitment etc.)

I'm going to take a wild guess that you are at least covering one of the categories its services. If you are, then my blog title kind of gave it away: You're doing inbound. At least parts of it. 

Upscale Your Business

That's the thing, a lot of agencies and organizations are already doing parts of inbound. These parts may be generating results separately but when you tie it all together you'll discover a whole new world and upselling opportunities if you ever wanted to upscale your business.

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Reach New Levels of Success

I'm a firm believer in the fact that collaboration, alignment and transparency are key to a lot of my agencies success and I truly believe that if you ever wanted to tie it all together you'd be able to reach new levels of success as well. 

Any thoughts you want to bounce off regarding this blog post, inbound or open roles? Let me know!