A HubSpot Channel Consultants New Hire Training

Wondering what HubSpot's New Hire Training in Boston looks like as a Channel Consultant? I've got you covered. This is how my training went down in order to become an expert in my role.

Moving abroad again

253 days ago I was on a flight towards Dublin, after 7 interviews, I'd just been hired as the first Agency Strategist for the Nordics (Channel Consultant) by the US inbound marketing company called HubSpot

Having worked 6+ years in Stockholm, Sweden. Yup, born and raised in Sweden, "hej hej, tack tack", see? I was really excited (read: screaming of joy internally) when asked by their professional recruiter, Tania Perez, if I was interested in moving abroad again. Not only because I wanted to challenge myself and, hopefully, the agencies I'd be responsible for but also because I had found a company that was ever-changing and not afraid to try new things out.

This was something I got to experience on my very first day at the New Hire Training in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sam Hirbod HubSpot Boston New Hire Training

The Training in Boston, Massachusetts

The training had recently been revamped in order to deliver success in an even more efficient way and included back-to-back training sessions; covering every aspect of Inbound Marketing and what each specific role would entail.

The two week period included dedicated trainers, mentoring, homework, projects, exams and getting to know my future colleagues.

The training groups consisted of people from all over the world with different roles, spreading from renewal managers to channel consultants. We learnt where each and every role steps in and each and everyone's responsibility.

Sam Hirbod HubSpot New Hire Training 2017

The Project

Before leaving Boston, we were all assigned a project which would help us gain the customers perspective by getting hands on experience using the Content Optimization System (COS) and Customer Relationship Management tools.

The project entailed the things an agency would go through when becoming a HubSpot customer, from defining their goals, strategies and ideal customers to the technical implementation of the software.

I loved Boston even though the weather was just like Sweden during winter which was something I was trying to take a break from. Luckily enough there was tons of good food, my favorites include: Café ArtScience and Alden & Harlow, shopping and Indie movie theatres to make me forget the cold weather. 

What I miss the most about Boston is the love of my life, Taco, the french bulldog. This walking gas machine stole the heart of me and my colleagues and was lucky enough to not fit in my backpack. This time at least...



The Training in Dublin, Ireland

Once back in Dublin, a local mentor was assigned and the training sessions continued. We were required to pass specific certifications, individual projects and hold presentations attended by managers & directors.

After each class an assignment was given and in most cases a role play would ensue. The assigned mentor and manager would partake in these and evaluate your progress. I was skeptical at first but in hindsight the role plays made me feel way more comfortable in my current role as a Channel Consultant.  

Wondering how to prepare for the training? Check out this blog post.

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